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Accountability,,,,, this word has several meanings but at Five Star Home Inspections it means, an obligation to accept responsibility or to account for one's errors.

Today's smart home buyers realize that they need a reliable, experienced, and professional home inspection company in their corner. For home buyers there is no greater concern or potential nightmare than hiring a home inspection company that does not stand behind their report findings. Potentially leaves them out in the cold or faced with having to come out of pocket for a repair because their home inspector overlooked and did not report and item, and then would not stand up and take responsibility for it. This is a potential dilemma for both sides, the home buyer, and the inspector.

First every potential home buyer needs to realize that a home inspection is a visual inspection. Findings are based on visible tangible evidence through the eyes of a highly skilled and experienced home inspector. Secondly no home inspector is required by state guidelines to provide their clients with any kind of guarantee or warranty and many do not.

Five Star Home Inspections provides all our client with a limited report guarantee program at no extra cost that it especially designed to hold our home inspectors accountable and give our referring real estate agents and their clients peace of mind.

So, what is the Five Star Report Guarantee all about? Well, here are some key features

* This program is not a substitute for a home buyers’ warranty or any other similar programs.

* We are not affiliated with any third-party decision makers. This program is only exclusive too our referring agents and clients as provided by Five Star Home Inspections

* It will only cover eligible components that were rated satisfactory within the home inspection report after the buyer’s inspection and closing for a period of 1 year

* It provides coverage for up to a maximum of 500.00 per eligible component.